My doodlebug, or how to turn doodles into works of art

As a self-taught art novice, I frequently get distracted by some new approach to drawing. My latest passion is doodle art. I am convinced, that in the art world, Zentangling (aka doodling aka tangling) is going to be in fashion in a Big Way. In fact, it is turning into an art movement as we speak! The Era of Doodles is upon us!

Joking aside, how do you progress from this?

childs doodle

My bored 3,5 year old’s doodle

to this:

Kerby Rosanes doodle lion

Detailed doodle by Kerby Rosanes

You can find more examples of great doodles here

It is essential that you lose all inhibitions: everyone can doodle! Block all the negative thoughts such as: “Oh my God, I do not have enough skills” relax and start doodling! I recommend, you start from using just 1 or 2 pens with permanent/archival ink (Sharpie or Micron 08 are doing a great job!) and a piece of grid paper for practicing patterns.

my first attempy at doodling

My first attempt at doodling

There is a lot of help out there. For total beginners this video can help. Judy Richards has a lot of easy patterns on her website. You can also purchase a great e-book on doodling, from here.

I prefer to combine classical doodling with dot techniques:

doodle art pointillismdoodling pointillism

See my “From random Dots to Dot art” tutorials 1, 2 and 3. You may also find a lot more ideas, in my Pinterest board. Have a happy tangle day!  

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