The Greek Crisis on the Walls – Contemporary Street Art in Athens

After months of delay, Greece has agreed a (widely criticized) third bailout deal, to receive a new tranche of loans. But in Athens, there is little mood for celebration. Consecutive austerity packages, have been tearing apart the social fabric, spreading misery across society. As the crisis deepens, the troubled country’s denizens are expressing their anger, despair and disbelief at the situation. There is an urge to create, to express, to collaborate, and to address social issues. The unrest has created an urge to invent creative alternatives to the present state of despair. Denounced as thuggish vandalism by some observers, but hailed by others as artistic, street graffiti is fast becoming a powerful form of expression in the country. A lot of which is funny, smart, sad or poignant.

If you want to learn about a city, look at its walls,” says street artist iNO, “Take a walk in the center of Athens, and you will get it.”


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