My new addition to Tea-bag Art: Vintage ornaments with acrylics

New Year to me is the beginning of a new cycle, or a new path of self-development; but if I am to write down my resolutions for 2016, it will boil down to one sentence: Get a grip and finally get on with plans! It involves more quality blogging, more drawing and, finally, starting off my business.

So far, only the part about drawing is going good. My current goal is to draw, at least, 1 new painting per week. This is the latest product of my obsession with ornaments and tea bags:

tea bag art ornaments and acrylics

A while ago, I noticed that the background from used tea bags gives you a luxury vintage flavor (Vintage butterfly brooch, Ceramic vase makeover) . Hence, I have decided to draw various ornaments on tea bags, in order to produce some 3D decorative pieces for my office. The challenge was to give the ornaments a rustic, aging metal look. It was surprisingly fiddly and time consuming, but I am happy with the result. The patterns are inspired by architectural ornaments from different cultures. Next time, I will try it on a bigger scale!

tea bag art vintage ornaments with acrylics

teab bag art vintage ornaments with acrylichs 3D effect

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