It’s April, Let’s Laugh! How can your Cat make You Famous! 1

Inspired by my neighborhood cats shenanigans.

Are you out of pocket, looking for alternative ways to earn some dosh? Look no further: make your cat earn their keep!

Sometimes, just meowing like this can turn your fluffy friend into an internet star:

So, what kind of career, could your feline friend be looking for?

Jennifer Mullen, thinks her cat Claude can evolve into a good cushion. Self-heated as well! Very cozy!

Mullen: claude the cat makes a good cushion

And Alexandra Zakharova believes, her cat Usyaka will become a makeup expert.

Usyaka scratching her nose with a cotton bud

This Frédéric Chopin of feline variety, performed on Britain’s Got Talent, in 2012. I am not sure if he won, but he certainly had the moves:

According to the extraordinary artist Yury Kuklachev, the owner of the unprecedented Cat’s Theatre, in Moscow, Russia, ALL cats got talents. You would never believe the range of skills this mysterious animal can demonstrate! The thing is, as he points out, cats CANNOT be trained the same way he would train many other animals. In fact, at a first glance, they appear untrainable. The trick is to spot what each cat LIKES doing the most – and it could be something weird! Then bingo! Your cat will be working for you voluntarily, doing their dream job, so to speak.

I wish, I could choose my work ONLY according to my liking. Don’t you?

Kuklachev’s theater on tour, in Latvia.

Sometimes, your cat can make you famous in a much unexpected way.

For example, The Work of the artist and PhotoShop virtuoso Svetlana Petrova, went viral on the Net when she decided for therapeutics purposes (she suffered from depression, due to the loss of her mother) to merge images of her favorite pet, with images of various timeless masterpieces. Her website Fat Cat Art, is in English and Russian.

photoshop cat painting

I bet the owner of Winkypedia did not expect such enormous traffic on their blog, when they wrote an article about how-to-stop-cats-from-fouling-in-your-garden, in the humane way. Their saga is both very useful and entertaining.

black cat in the garden

If you do not believe your pet can be a star, think again! Rumor has it, that Grumpy Cat, the most decorated Internet cat of the past years, has made about 100 million dollars to his family. Not too shabby! Apparently, the permanently grumpy expression which made this “deep feline thinker” so rich and famous, is due to a certain form of impairment he possesses. If only we were so lucky! The credit goes to Ben Lashes, a Los Angeles-based talent agent, who has successfully cornered the cat-meme market.

grumpy cat face

Finally, whatever you want your cat to achieve, do not overdo it (unless you want a scientific glory)! Have in mind these new scientific findings – Cats Can Literally Make You Crazy: What to Know about the Cat Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii.

Have fun!

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