Hedonism(y) Trojaner – A modern day Trojan Horse. 1

Artist Babis Panagiotidis conceived ‘HedonIsM(y) Trojaner’, an installation of the ancient greek Trojan Horse of Troy, fabricated from over 18,000 recycled computer keys! The keys are arranged to display a gradient of ivory-white to replicate the famous animal, bringing it into the digital age (and in rocking form!).

Perhaps a visual metaphor for how we use the computer as our vehicle through society, the title suggests a negative connotation to our relationship with our creations. The present-day internet use, from the social media to online shopping and online chatting, directs us towards hedonism where our own (digital) perceptions are more important than real relationships or interactions with the natural world.

The first version of the sculpture was damaged by the artist’s former landlord; the giant horse had been stored in a rented garage and after a payment was missed, the landlord dismembered the sculpture with a chainsaw. Panagiotidis sought compensation through the courts in Nuremberg, that appraised the piece at a value of 70,000 Euros. Panagiotidis has plans to create a second version of “Hedonism(y) Trojaner” to replace its predecessor.



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