Beautiful Dry Tea Drawings – Andrey Gorkovenko’s Tea Art

dried tea drawing Gorkovenko

Andrew Gorkovenko’s artwork for tea from Ceylon, with a detail at right.

Andrey Gorkovenko is a Moscow-based advertising designer, specializing in branding. He was born in a small town in the Samara region, and graduated from Samara art college in 1991 and from Moscow International Institute of Advertising in 2006.

He uses an original technique with dried tea leaves, to draw landscapes from important tea-growing countries. He took inspiration from sand-painting, where colored grains of sand are corralled to create an image, and used the same method with tea. However, tea is much more difficult to work with; dried tea is not uniform in size and shape, and leaves have to be carefully selected to fit each part of the image. Moreover, he uses only basic tools to manipulate the nicely-scented dried and ground tea leaves on white paper canvases. Each scenery represents the country of origin for individual teas; for the drawing of the Great Wall of China and an ancient pagoda the artist used green tea leaves, for a Ceylon landscape – black tea leaves.

Kenyan tea leaves

Kenyan tea leaves detail

pagoda - Great Wall green tea leaves drawing


Chinese green tea leaves drawing pagoda - Great Wall detail

dried tea leaves art

dried black tea leaves drawing



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