7 simple ways to shake off the winter blues

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Have you ever had the feeling that winter has its claws into us forever? Spring is in the air, but you feel you can’t be bothered to do anything, your muscles feel heavy and get tired very quickly. No question that the winter period is a tough time. Nature is dormant and the sun is taking a break from helping us to cope with things, hence we are highly susceptible to a bouquet of illnesses, metabolic misbalance etc. Moreover, during the winter, we tend to work harder under stress: new regulations/projects at work/uni, distractions due to weather conditions, New Year resolutions and so on. You are more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression and unexplained fatigue during the winter months.

Whether you have lack of energy, or something serious is going on in your life right now, picking yourself up and carrying on, is never easy. Especially, in our harsh economic climate. If you suspect that you suffer from the Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD, visit this link http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/pages/winter-blues-sad.aspx

Here is some advice that help me battle my “winter blues”:

  • Recognize that no matter what, YOU HAVE TO pick yourself up and carry on. We all have only one life to live, and no time to waste on self-pity, self-loathing and such like.

  • In spite of feeling too worn out or sick, laugh!

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  • Get fresh air in every opportunity. Nature is the best doctor after all.

  • Any of the following: a shopping spree, a spa, a new haircut, a holiday, or a new personal goal will surely lift your mood!

  • Do something you postponed for ages- whether it is just spring cleaning, sorting junk or volunteering, it will help.

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  • It is never too late for a new challenge in life. In my case, I discovered I can draw a little. Inadvertently, it filled my life with new desires.

  • Finally, “Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.” Gregory Maguire, A Lion Among Men

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